November 3, 2015- Homeland MDP Line 1 Stage 1

Alabbasi has received notification of award for the $14.3 Million Homeland MDP Line 1 Stage 1 Project from the Riverside County Flood Control and Water Conservation District. As a part of this contract, Alabbasi will excavate and export nearly 500,000 Cubic Yards (CY) of soil (roughly 36,000 truckloads). Alabbasi will also construct over 4,000 Lineal Feet (LF) of 72″- 96″ Reinforced Concrete Pipe (RCP), 1,900 LF Double 10′x7′ Precast Reinforced Concrete Box (PRCB), and 2,500 LF of 12′x6′ PRCB. These precast joints will be shipped in 8′ lengths and will weigh in at 41,000 pounds a joint.

This project will represent the third project by Alabbasi to be constructed as a part of the Homeland/ Romoland Master Drainage Plan. The previous 2 phases of this project were also awarded to Alabbasi. Upon completion, Alabbasi will have moved over 2 million cubic yards of earth (exporting 1.8 million cubic yards) constructed nearly 9 miles of RCP, PRCB, RCB, Concrete Lined Trapezoidal Channel and Earthen Channel. Collectively, these projects will serve as the backbone flood control infrastructure for all future developments in the Green Valley, Homeland/ Romoland Regions. Alabbasi looks forward to another successful project in partnership with Riverside County Flood Control.

Construction is anticipated to commence during the first quarter of 2016 and should be complete by the first quarter of 2017/

July 18, 2013- Jackson Avenue Bridge at Warm Springs Creek

Alabbasi Construction and Engineering has received the Notice of Award for the Jackson Avenue Bridge at Warm Springs Creek Project for the City of Murrieta. The $5.12 million will construct a 6- span Arch Culvert on Jackson Street over the Warm Springs Creek. Additionally, the project features nearly 170,000 Cubic Yards of Earth Work, widening of Jackson Avenue from two to four lanes, construction of retaining walls, storm drain improvements, amongst various other improvements. Construction is expected to commence early- September 2013 and be complete within one calendar year.

July 15, 2013- Baseline Gardens Consolidation Project

Alabbasi Construction and Engineering has received the Notice of Award for the Baseline Gardens Consolidation Project in the City of San Bernardino. The $2.6 million project for East Valley Water District will replace nearly 19,000 lineal feet of aged waterline, 450 water services and 55 fire hydrants. The project is expected to commence mid-August 2013 and be complete by May 2014.

April 11, 2013- Greenspot Road Improvements

Alabbasi Construction and Engineering has received the Notice of Award for the Greenspot Road Improvements Project in the City of Highland. The $7.04 million dollar contract will widen Greenspot Road from the SR-210 to Boulder Avenue and widen existing on and off ramps at the SR-210. The project also features extensive aesthetic and architectural treatments such as the installation of decorative pavers at three intersections, decorative lighting, landscape improvements and decorative monuments welcoming visitors to the City. Additionally, the project will include significant utility improvements such as the undergrounding of electrical transmission mains and the construction of nearly half a mile of a 72-inch Reinforced Concrete Pipe storm drain line.