Total Project Approach

Alabbasi understands the world is full of good contractors. However, the problem is that many of them are great at only one or two aspects of project delivery and struggle with other aspects. For example, large construction companies are excellent at regulatory compliance and overcoming technical challenges, but struggle with relationship management and their bureaucratic structures. On the other hand, small construction companies are generally good and maintaining relationships and completing a project efficiently, but they struggle in overcoming technical obstacles and ensuring compliance with governmental regulations. With our Total Project Approach, we have outlined 10 elements of project delivery which we feel we have mastered that differentiates us from the rest:
1. Safety- Our first and foremost priority is safety. We have a strict safety policy, which we stringently implement. Our goal is that every person that enters our project- whether a member of the general public or an employee- leaves with their person and property unharmed and undamaged. To read more about our safety program, please click here.

2. Quality- We want our projects to last. Not merely for the duration of their warranty, but for decades. Our projects are our legacy and we want them to stand the test of time- both in their artistry and durability. We believe that we have achieved this goal through our constant commitment to quality. We don’t try to meet minimum quality standards, we exceed them.

3. Artistry- We understand that projects are often measured not only by their ability to serve a function, but also in their ability to transform communities. With this in mind, we pay special attention to the details. We partner with architects and civic leaders to ensure that our projects are not only technically sufficient, but also aesthetically pleasing.

4. Planning- We believe that planning is the backbone of our company. If we could only choose one item which differentiates us from other contractors it would be this. We have created a reputation within our industry as being the fastest contractor. We are known to often complete projects with 50% of the contract time remaining. Speed through planning- Alabbasi does it best. 5. Public Relations- Over 95% of the work that Alabbasi completes is for public entities. As such, we understand that our work is not only under the scrutiny of the owner, but also under the scrutiny of the general public. We are able to work with project owners to ensure that the public perception of our work is positive. Whether this means knocking on doors to notify the public of our work or adjusting working hours to minimize disruption, Alabbasi is capable of maintaining positive public interactions throughout the life of a project.

6. Customer Relations- We understand that all of our customers have unique needs and we avoid using a one-size-fits-all approaches in our dealings. We let out customers dictate the context of our relations, and we strive to meet their needs. On one hand, we are capable of being entirely informal to minimize paperwork and completing the job strictly in the field. We can get the job done with minimal direction or oversight. On the other hand, we are capable of maintaining an entirely structured relationship where every aspect of the project is documented and completed under clear direction.

7. Vendor Relations- On a typical Alabbasi project, about 60% of the total contract amount is paid out to vendors (suppliers and subcontractors). As such, we understand that without positive vendor relations, it is impossible to complete a project successfully. Alabbasi prescreens all of its vendors to ensure that only quality suppliers and subcontractors are used on our projects. Furthermore, we partner with our vendors to ensure that both our project delivery schedule can be met and also to ensure that the individual needs of our vendors are addressed.

8. Technical Challenges- Alabbasi employs a team of arguably some of the most qualified foreman, superintendents and project managers in the industry. Together, our team is able to overcome some of the most complex technical challenges within our industry. Whether the challenge is constructing a new roundabout in the middle of an active intersection, shoring pits in excess of 25 deep in high groundwater, or anything in between; Alabbasi stands ready to meet the challenge.

9. Environmental Regulations- Alabbasi is a company committed to protecting and preserving the environment. We have an in-house team of qualified and certified engineers committed to mitigating dust and preventing storm water pollution. We have extensive experience in the abatement of lead and removal of asbestos. Lastly, we have extensive experience in working around and near endangered species without harming them. When it comes to the environment, Alabbasi sets the standard for stewardship.

10. Labor Compliance- As Alabbasi predominately operates in the field of public works contracting; we understand the importance of complying with labor standards such as the Davis-Bacon Act. Over 95% of the work that we perform are prevailing wage projects. However, we don’t comply with fair labor standards because of the law; we implement fair labor policies as we feel that we owe it to our employees. Alabbasi has flawless track record of labor compliance and a professional team to ensure that all regulations are implemented.