In 1999 Marwan and Elizabeth AlAbbasi left their stable government jobs and decided to enter into the business of commercial development. Marwan, a Registered Professional Engineer with his Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Southern California, had spent his entire life in the construction and engineering field. Elizabeth, with her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from California State University San Bernardino, was working as an Employment Development Specialist for the State of California. During there first seven years as developers, a pattern began to emerge. Marwan oversaw construction and development whereas Elizabeth oversaw the management of their retail operations. Together they recognized that to more effectively manage the budget and delivery schedule of their projects, they would have to control the construction operations.
In 2006, Alabbasi Construction and Engineering was formed (formerly doing business as Mamco Construction) to oversee all aspects of construction. As time went by, Alabbasi began to self-perform more and more aspects of construction. By 2008, Alabbasi was self-performing virtually all site development related tasks and eventually took the leap from being primarily an owner-builder to primarily a general contractor. In 2009 Alabbasi entered into the public works contracting field and has since never looked back. Today, Alabbasi employs a staff of over 75 and owns a fleet of vehicles and equipment numbering in the hundreds. We believe our competency is best demonstrated by our growth. Since 2008, our year-over-year revenueshave grown in excess of 75% annually and we project that this trend will continue. While other contractors have struggled over the past few years, Alabbasi has thrived.