At Alabbasi, Safety is not just a matter of compliance, but rather a way of doing business. We understand that each project, trade and task that we work on have a unique set of safety concerns that must be addressed individually. We avoid implementing overly broad and simplified safety standards that cause complacency and have instead asked our competent persons, foreman, supervisors, and field staff to think. Although we do have a detailed Injury and Illness Prevention Plan and Field Code of Safe Practices implemented, we have trained our staff to understand that these are the bear minimums. For example, although OSHA requires that all trenches deeper than five feet be braced, our staff understands that at times a four-foot trench may need to be braced.

When it comes to safety, planning is also of the utmost importance. Prior to beginning any new project, Alabbasi’s foreman, superintendents, and project managers meet to identify any project specific hazards that must be addressed. We develop project-specific safety plans, traffic control plans, and shoring plans regardless of the size, scope or complexity of the project. Additionally, all of these plans are developed and reviewed in-house by qualified and Professional Engineers.

We believe that our commitment to safety is best illustrated by the facts. Our safety record by the numbers is as follows:
.67- Experience Modification Rating
0- Loss time injuries
0- OSHA safety violations