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West Garden Grove Supplemental Transmission Main

Client: City of Garden Grove
Engineer: Civiltec
Construction Management: Civiltec
Start Date: October 2012
End Date: August 2013 (projected)
Contract amount : $6,050,000

The West Garden Grove Supplemental Transmission Main Project will connect Garden Grove’s Lampson Pump Station to the West Garden Grove Reservoir and Pump Station nearly 5 miles away. This Project transverses some of Orange County’s busiest streets such as Chapman Avenue, Beach Boulevard, and Brookhurst Avenue. The project will cross through two cities and requires permitting from over a half-dozen entities. Furthermore, the mainline will cross under Union Pacific Rail Lines at two locations, Orange County Flood Control’s Barber Channel and cross over a bridge along Beach Boulevard. The contract has a completion data of January 2014, but Alabbasi is already significantly ahead of schedule and anticipates completion by August 2013.

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Mecca Roundabout Street Improvements Project

Client: County of Riverside Department of Transportation
Engineer: The Altum Group
Construction Management: County of Riverside Department of Transportation
Start Date: August 2012
End Date: January 2013
Contract amount : $1,800,000

The Mecca Roundabout and Street Improvements Project will serve as the gateway to the farming community of Mecca in Eastern Riverside County. The project primarily consisted of a three-way roundabout with extensive architectural treatments and landscaping. The project is built on extremely unstable soil with a groundwater table less then two feet below the surface. The extremely high groundwater table required Alabbasi to construct a two-foot thick aggregate base structural section with two layers of a geo-fabric designed to stabilize the soil. Additionally, due to the extremely high ground water table, all concrete improvements were placed on top of aggregate base and wrapped in 8-mil plastic.

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Railroad Canyon Road Widening Project

Client: City of Canyon Lake
Engineer: Tri-Lake Engineering
Construction Management: Tri-Lake Engineering
Start Date: January 2012
End Date: December 2012
Contract amount : $6,300,000

Railroad Canyon Road is the primary access point to the City of Canyon Lake. The road serves as a vital link between the I-215 and I-15 freeways with the Cities of Menifee, Lake Elsinore and Canyon Lake in between. Over the past ten years, all three communities have experience a major spike in development and subsequently in traffic. The road has already been widened to six lanes throughout a majority of its route, but bottlenecked in Canyon Lake to four lanes causing major backups. Alabbasi was awarded this project to widen 1.6 miles of roadway throughout the entire City of Canyon Lake from four lanes to six lanes as well as additions of turning lanes at major intersections and two additional traffic signals. The entire length of the roadway in Canyon Lake was already fully developed with a landscaped median, sidewalks and curbs. As such, the project required extensive clearing and grubbing, demolition of concrete and asphalt improvements, and utility relocations.

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Road Improvements on Briggs Road and Baxter Road

Client: Country of Riverside Department of Transportation
Engineer: Hunsaker & Associates
Construction Management: County of Riverside Department of Transportation
Start Date: June 2012
End Date: September 2012
Contract amount : $3,600,000

Briggs Road and Baxter Road serve as the only access points to both the Dorothy McElhinney Middle School and the Lisa J. Mails Elementary School. These access points were originally only intended as a temporary solution until the ultimate roadway would be constructed by an adjacent development. However, due to the economic slowdown, the adjacent development was never constructed. The schools were left with a road that was poorly constructed and had no sidewalks. Riverside County had to act fast to provide a safe route to the schools. The Project bid in May 2012 and had a mandatory start of June 2012. The roadway footprint would have to be completed prior to August 15, 2012- the first day of registration for both schools. Over 80 pieces of equipment, vehicles and trucks were mobilized to complete the job on time. Alabbasi redefined the meaning of mass production.

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SR-91 HOV Sewer Relocation Project

Client: City of Riverside
Engineer: City of Riverside
Construction Management: City of Riverside
Start Date: May 2012
End Date: August 2012
Contract amount : $950,000

The SR-91 freeway is severely congested through downtown Riverside and was in need of major improvements. As such, Caltrans made plans to widen the freeway, construct new retaining walls and reconstruct bridge crossings. This project would require extensive utility relocations to facilitate construction. Alabbasi was awarded the sewer relocation throughout Downtown Riverside. The existing sewer facilities would be in direct conflict with planned improvements. Working in downtown Riverside, required Alabbasi to perform a majority of the project during nighttime working hours and required extensive phasing and bypassing of existing sewer facilities.

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Rancho California Road Roundabout

Client: County of Riverside Department of Transportation
Engineer: Reid Middleton, Inc.
Construction Management: County of Riverside Department of Transportation
Start Date: March 2012
End Date: August 2012
Contract amount : $1,750,000

The Rancho California Road Roundabout project is in the heart of Riverside County’s Wine Country in the Temecula Valley area. The project was intended to serve as a pilot to the County’s plan to construct five additional roundabouts along the busy corridor. Intersections with stop signs were no longer keeping up with the continually increasing traffic. However, to maintain the rural setting of the area it was determined that signalized intersections would not be an option. The only alternative would be to construct a roundabout. The roundabout and all appurtenant improvements would have to be constructed in the middle of a highly traveled road without the ability to close the road to through traffic. As such, Alabbasi had to work 24/7 during certain phases of construction and implement a 24/7 flagging operation. Furthermore, as the unofficial center of Wine Country, the roundabout would have to be aesthetically pleasing with extensive landscaping and decorative pavements. All in all, the project was a huge success. Traffic congestion was substantially alleviated and the project turned out as beautiful as anyone could have hoped.

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Fontana Civic Center Campus Parking Project

Client: City of Fontana
Engineer: TKE Engineering
Construction Management: City of Fontana
Start Date: February 2011
End Date: September 2011
Contract amount : $2,500,000

The revitalization of Fontana’s Civic Center Campus Parking Lot would be extremely difficult to complete if the entire Civic Center was completely shut down. However, AlAbbasi was not so fortunate. Pedestrian access and parking had to be maintained at all times to five distinct City buildings, including: the City hall and Council Chambers building, the Planning Department building, the Police Department building, the Engineering Annex Building, and the Public Library. In order to make these accommodations, the project had to be separated in to three distinct phases. Most importantly, all work was completed under the daily scrutiny of the Chief of Police, the City Manager, City Engineer, City Council Members, and Mayor

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Guava Street and Storm Drain Improvements

Client: City of Murrieta
Engineer: SB&O, Inc.
Construction Management: City of Murrieta
Start Date: February 20131
End Date: December 2013
Contract amount : $4,000,000

Guava Street in the City of Murrieta currently dead ends into Murrieta Creek. The City of Murrieta is currently in the design stage of building a bridge over Murrieta Creek, but first must improve Guava Street and divert the flow of Line D which feeds the Murrieta Creek. Currently, Line D runs through Guava Street and Guava Street must be closed during heavy rains as it can be flooded in up to five feet of water. As such, the City decided to design and construction 1,000 lineal feet of a triple 12’x7’ Reinforced Concrete Box to handle up to a 100 year storm surge.

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Beaumont Pedestrian Bridge and Waterline Re-Connections

Client: City of Beaumont
Engineer: Urban Logic Consultants
Construction Management: Urban Logic Consultants
Start Date: November 2012
End Date: December 2012
Contract amount : $500,000

After constructing the Brookside Avenue Bridge, the City of Beaumont had to act fast to connect existing 24” and 16” water mains that were temporarily high-lined and installed in the travel way. The City elected to build a pedestrian bridge that would serve as both a safe path to school and would suspend the waterlines beneath it and eliminate the necessity to bore underneath the Brookside Creak. Alabbasi was awarded the fast-paced project which required all work to be complete in only 30 working days.

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