Commercial Construction

Alabbasi roots are in commercial development and construction. We have constructed numerous types of commercial developments ranging from offices to fuel service stations. What gives us an edge over other contractors in this field, is that we are actively engaged in managing service stations, retail operations and commercial developments through our sister companies. Alabbasi sister companies currently own and manage over a dozen commercial centers, several of which consist of up to seven suites each. Ten additional commercial buildings are in various stages of development.

The fact that Alabbasi is not just a builder, but also an owner, operator, and manager of numerous retail operations means that we truly understand functionality. When we are working with developers, we are able to partner with them and formulate suggestions that will increase functionality and value. We are capable of partnering with developers even prior to inception and far past completion. We are capable of assisting with everything from site selection, design and financing to training and operating. At Alabbasi, we are redefining conventional roles and adding value that may have never been thought possible.