Traffic Control

Over 95% of the work that Alabbasi performs is within existing traveled ways; as such, traffic control is arguably one of the most crucial tasks in the execution of our work. We understand the importance of traffic control as it relates to the safety of our workers and the traveling public. With these facts in mind, we feel that it is important for us to control every aspect of traffic control implementation. All traffic control plans are designed in-house by our qualified team of engineers and implemented by our qualified field staff. The traffic control devices that we own number in the thousands and range from cones to message boards and k-rail. We have extensive experience in the implementation of street/highway lane closures, k-rail placement, flagging operations and detours. We have worked in some of the busiest roadways and intersections in California and we have implemented traffic control plans that have even required us to implement 24/7 flagging for weeks at a time.