Welcome to Alabbasi Construction and Engineering

Alabbasi Construction and Engineering (formerly doing business as Mamco Construction) is a leading provider of construction and engineering related services to both public entities and private owners alike in the Southern California Region. Each year, Alabbasi completes countless projects ranging from small emergency utility and roadway repairs with lengths of a few feet and durations of only a few hours, to massive multi-million dollar roadway construction and utility mainlines more easily measureable in miles and years.

We pride ourselves on your wide array of capabilities and specialties. On average, we self-perform 80 percent of the work awarded to us and only subcontract certain trades to our qualified team of subcontractors. We differentiate ourselves from other contractors not only in our broad range of capabilities, but also in our Total Project Approach. In today’s ever evolving construction industry, we understand that being a successful contractor requires us not only to get the job done, but also on how we get it done. We understand the importance of safety, labor compliance, environmental regulations and general business dealings. By using our Total Project Approach, we ensure that the expectations of all project stake holders- from the general public to our vendors and clients are exceeded.